Welcome to Surviving Single, a unique blog here for you to explore. Surviving Single is a platform for me to share all of the glory and failures of being a single woman in 2021. I felt called to be an encourager to all my Single lady friends and declare there’s life in this season that you are meant to enjoy and failures you are meant to overcome. So grab some popcorn, some tissues, some friends, read along, and journey through the ups and downs of life as a single Christian woman. I love having the opportunity to share my passion, history, struggles, and thoughts with you and I hope you are blessed and encouraged by these words. 

Who am I? I’m sarah, 35 year old Christian woman. I have failed hard, struggled deep, and tried to learn as much through all the trials as I can, and I hope to pass some of that on to you.
I have faith that all things happen for a reason (Ecc 3:1-8) And I believe we are called to testify and encourage one another. Though much of what you will read will probably seem like confessions or a weird journal from a wordy blogger I hope it makes you feel less alone, and perhaps if you have not encountered the things I have, I hope it prevents mistakes and deep regrettable decisions , soothes heartache, and points you back to Jesus. It’s gritty, it’s witty, it’s unfiltered, and real and it’s written from my single heart to yours.
With much love,


Published by sarahtx35

I’m just your average Jesus-loving, day dreaming, coffee sipping, blog writing, full sized, goofball who is trying not to ruffle too many feathers while making waves as a stupidly honest God fearing, mistake making, happy go lucky single woman who uses too many adjectives.

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