Single in a Couples’ World


It feels like every day I check my social media feeds and there’s a picture of someone’s gigantic hand with a diamond taunting me, “Hey, guess what? Your finger doesn’t have a shiny rock!” Thanks for the reminder, Facebook! Everyone is getting engaged and married, and I’m just over here trying to decide what I want to eat. There must be something in the water and because we are in a drought the supply got cut off!

It’s hard not to focus on being one of the remaining girl friends who doesn’t even have a date lined up in the near future. It’s like you’re on Survivor, but you’re not winning.

You go to brunch and you’re the 9th wheel. While everyone is holding hands and making kissy faces, you’re at the head of the table swiping right. You go to the movies and take the end seat so you can make a quick escape when everyone starts making out. Even better, you binge on Netflix instead of going to the movies at all!

The world tells us that we have to be in a relationship to be happy. Look at all the old school Disney princess movies, if you’re not being chased by a man anymore, you’re a spinster trying to ruin the lives of eligible girls. The Evil Queen, Maleficent, and Step Mother to name a few. You thought I was going to say the princesses, didn’t you? No, we are way past that! It’s all about praying to not become a spinster instead of winning the love of a prince.

This need for a relationship is a half-truth. Sure, it would be nice to have a consistent hand-holder, face to kiss and cuddle buddy, but it isn’t the end all be all of life. Today I want to give a list of ways to stay sane in a world dominated by couples.

  • You Do You
    • Sometimes we focus so much on getting a man that we forget about ourselves. This is not okay! We want to feel our best and look our best for our own sake. But if you’re still in the mindset of impressing a guy, you should also feel your best and look your best so that there’s a higher chance of him being attracted to you. Nobody wants a Debbie Downer who’s not taking care of herself!
  • Think About Your Friends’ Relationships
    • We all have friends in terrible relationships. You’re thinking about that friend right now. You know, the one who keeps having awful fights and play the breakup/make up calling it “passion”, but it is really just stupidity. Or there’s that one couple who isn’t even happy but they stay together because they don’t want to bother finding someone else to go to bed with. Honey, let me tell you – that’s not the type of relationship you want! When you’re feeling bad about being alone, remember…it could be worse!
  • Smile, It Confuses People
    • Even if you’re not feeling like “all-that” and the man blues got you down, smile through it! This will  naturally make you feel better. When you’re smiling and happy (even if you aren’t on the inside), you seem more confident and approachable. If you can’t muster a real-looking fake smile, give a smug grin just to keep everyone guessing.

It’s definitely a couples’ world out there and we’re just bystanders living in it. Here’s to Surviving Single!

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