From a young age, I have been boy crazy. I remember coming home from kindergarten with my best friend and telling her my big secret of the day – “I like Brian!” Brian has since grown up to be a very successful guy…who isn’t dating me.

My mother always told me to “just wait until (insert level of education that was next), the boys are better”. Spoiler Alert: That’s simply not true! As we age, it is increasingly difficult to find a viable pool of men to date. Once you’re out of school, that pool turns into a puddle.

My name is Paula and I’m here to give you a break down of my absolutely crazy and ever-changing life.  From tragic boy tales to finding myself through adventure, you will follow my journey as I continue to survive single.

*UPDATE: I am no longer single! Well done me! But just because I may be taken, doesn’t mean I can’t still tell me hilarious stories of yesteryear (aka 6 months ago) or share what I’ve learned being in a budding relationship.


1402910_10152807434724762_786770740_oKAITLIN (Contributor)

Kaitlin is a new addition to the Surviving Single squad. Having been in a Long Term Relationship (LTR), Kaitlin knows the ins and outs of being in a solid relationship. However, towards the end of her college years, Kaitlin decided to break it off with her beau (that’s a whole story for a different blog post) and check out the other fish in the sea – specifically across the pond in England. Post-break up, Kaitlin has been traveling the world while surviving single. Now she’s back in the dating game, but has found that the rules of the game have changed a bit. Follow her posts for hilarious first date stories and life advice from a girl who’s seen it all.



13095983_10206460077006160_2456538038469144307_nLeslie (Contributor)

Leslie is also a new addition to the Surviving Single squad. Having no filter and described as being “pure savage”, Leslie provides her no filter take on dating. Leslie believes she’ll never find a boyfriend because she enjoys Chad from the Bachelorette’s humor and sarcastic personality, meaning she would end up with a horrible person and it would never work. Some fun facts about Leslie: A man asked to be her Sugar Daddy at Target and she often gets free drinks from gay men for being cute. Follow her posts for unfiltered swiping stories and tales involving “so I did this thing.”


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